What Our Clients Have Said

I was post-menopausal when I began losing hair at the front of my head. I was devastated. I wore caps and hats to disguise the hair loss that is diagnosed as a genetic flaw. I had several lab tests to rule out medical issues. My condition is known as female pattern baldness and I am 62. Prior to finding Annie, I tried three hair replacement professionals at great expense. The results were beyond unacceptable. The hair attachments she created for me restored my confidence and were a remarkable cosmetic success. (No. Minoxidil did not work for me.) Annie uses real human hair and then custom designs, cuts and colored my hair and the attachments. Finally, she carefully styles the attachments to match my natural curl pattern and hair texture. Every step in the process requires near perfection. I have three attachments from Annie. She is an artist. Her experience and kindness are a gift. For women, losing one’s hair is a trauma and she was so considerate of my feelings. I am so grateful to have the luck to have Annie in my life. She restored my confidence when I am in public.

Nancy Lee/aka Terri

I am so grateful for your expertise & styling services. I had been struggling with styling my thinning hair for a very long time and causing more damage as I did my best to cover it, I wore a lot of hats and felt self conscious about my loss. I am thrilled that I decided to seek consult with Tesla. Your patience, knowledge, expertise in styling the best look for me made a huge difference in my everyday life. Now I feel like I can go anywhere feeling confident that I look my best. Thank You!

Rosey Martin

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